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Cityscapes of Cities and the life within them

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This is the community for photographers to post their photos of cities they live in or have visted. It can be skylines, fire hydrants, water towers, urban scenes, skyscrapers, landmarks.

-All photos from all cities are welcome.

-Please Keep them under 800 X 800 pixels in size.

-They can be digital or standard.

-Please State the name of the city and country you have photographed. Names of building and such are preferred, but if you don't know them that is ok. However, if your post does not contain the city name, it will be subject to removal or revision.

-Please only post photos that you have taken. Do not post photos of your friends or from the web, they have to be your original work

-Use the LJ-cut tag at your own descretion. The community has voted that the cut tool is not necessary to use, so please do not leave comments for members to use the cut tool. They have the freedom not to. but please have at least ONE image above the cut if using the cut tool.

-PLEASE make sure the images u submit here are going to stay up, and if the image links are broken that u replace them or remove the post asap. I want a clean looking community, no dead links. If I find dead links, I will tell u to remove it. If not removed, you will be removed. I want the asthetic standard to be set as such and obided by.

-Please make suggestions on improvements, I am always welcome to change

-But most of all have fun!!

Community maintained by : manhattanmuse

I ask that you read the rules and abide by them, there really aren't any except title your photo and submit your own work and make sure your image tags work.
I do ask that you respect any reasonable request I make to keep this consistant.
If you do however choose to argue with me, I will not tolerate it and you will be banned from commenting.

Thank you and enjoy!!! =)


искусство, путешествия, архитектура

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