Cyril Moshkow (wolk_off) wrote in cityscapes,
Cyril Moshkow

The Citadel

Pskov, Russia
(c) Cyril Moshkow, 2006
The Krom (or Kreml, Russian for "citadel" or "fortress", which became "Kremlin" in English) of Pskov existed on the site of an earlier wooden fortress where the Pskova River meets Velikaya River in Northwestern Russia, since approx. 11th century . This picture represents the Krom's Southern wall that faces the Dovmont's Town, the trade-and-crafts suburb of the ancient Pskov City. By the early 14th century, neither Krom itself nor Dovmont's Town were living quarters -- people lived outside their walls, while the fortress contained the city government, the arsenals and multiple Orthodox Christian churches, of which only the Troitsky Sobor (The Trinity Cathedral, 1365-1367, rebuilt in 1662-1699) is still existing (center of the picture) and functioning.
It was relatively not very cold (-2 C, or ~~28 F) on that day (January 3, 2006) in Pskov, but really snowy, and the daytime in northwestern Russia is too short during this time of the winter - approx. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It was already darkening when I took this picture (around 2 p.m.)

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